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Sicily is rightfully called the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s tumultuous history has produced an incredible mix of traditions, with some of the most remarkable works of art and architecture to visit on exciting field trips.
One of the most outstanding qualities of western Sicily where our watercolour workshops take place is the juxtaposition of colours, constantly changing according to the season.

Field trips to famous sites in Western Sicily§
The archaeological site reflects the presence of several ancient civilizations, beginning with the Elymians, first of the Greek settlers of Sicily. The magnificent Doric temple is the highlight of the large archaeological park which includes an amphitheatre in a hilltop position second to none.

Erice watches over the port of Trapani from the legendary mountain of Eryx. It's a medieval town with stern-looking Norman forts and churches, and its mountain charm is enhanced by unpredictable weather that can take you from a sunny afternoon to a foggy evening.

The bleached landscape of the Saline (Salt mines) is made of shallow pools and softly shimmering heaps of salt, scattered with windmills, which were used to grind the salt. The salt from these marshes is considered the best in Italy.

Parco dello zingaro
Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro, the first natural reserve to have been set up in Sicily. It takes in a stretch of about 7 kilometres of splendid and absolutely unspoilt coast, a natural wonder of majestic limestone mountains, gorgeous turquoise blue bays and subtropical vegetation with dwarf fan palms.
The reserve is magnificently organised, with precise paths, shelters, water taps, picnic areas, museums; there are no roads and it can only be visited on foot.

A city of compelling contradictions Palermo has been an Arab Emirate and then seat of a Norman kingdom, becoming Europe's grandest 12th-century city.
It features an intriguing synthesis of styles, the result of combining imported and local forms over the course of nearly a thousand years.

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